Social media has fast become a ubiquitous term in the marketing and advertising world. It is a simple yet effective tool, and when leveraged correctly, a strong social media presence can be a boon to a business – whether established or new. In fact, studies have found that “more than 85% of all organizations that have a devoted platform of social media as a part of branding strategy reported an increment in their business sector.”

But despite its power, many brands still balk at the thought of using social media and engaging with audiences. However, there is no need for fear because with a few simple guidelines, social media can be used effectively to help a brand strengthen its presence in the market.

Here are 4 reasons why you should Be Social and learn about the importance of your branding in Social Media:

1) Helps brands gain deeper insight into their customer base

One of the key ways to stand out from the crowd is to really, truly understand your audience and targeted demographics. It might sound a tad simplistic, but the truth is, many brands dive into social media without really understanding who they are talking to, and thus lose out on valuable channels to gain follower loyalty.

Think of social media marketing as a two-way conversation with your audience, rather than a standalone voice. What sorts of content resonates with your targeted audience, and how can that coalesced with your brand voice? Followers value consistency within branded content, as well as ways to engage.

Social media marketing is a great tool to help you understand the needs of customers and improve your product – or find ways to grow and attract a new audience. Social media habits and analytics are a great tool to aid in understanding of consumer behaviour and habits, and what spaces your brand can grow into accordingly.

2) Increase sales

A strong social media presence serves as an indication to customers that your brand is legitimate, and trustworthy. It provides a channel of communication for audiences to learn more about your brand and ultimately, increase sales.

Branded content, behind-the-scenes-looks, and strong graphics and visuals are all contributing factors that help clinch sales. By giving consumers a deeper, and somewhat candid look at your brand, you essentially build a bridge of trust to consumers.

Social media marketing helps control brand message, and can help increase sales. Brand owners can use their social media pages to promote products, post information about sales and other newsworthy items easily. Plus, consumers can share products they like with users in their network, thus creating an avenue for new audiences to find brands.

3) Social media marketing is easy on a Branding budget

One of the strongest selling points for social media marketing is the relatively low cost attached to it. With a simple click, brand messages can disseminated far and wide, and for much cheaper than renting out a billboard by a busy highway.

Both large and small businesses use social media marketing as a tool in their marketing arsenal simply because of its reach. Using these platforms helps connects brands with audiences in a meaningful, personal way since followers can directly interact with the brand and helps shape a global presence.

For further exposure, social media platforms also offer ways to boost content for relatively low prices to help brands reach out to larger and larger audiences without breaking the bank. Ultimately, social media marketing is a low-cost tool that can reap large rewards if used right by brands.

4) Helps brands learn more about the competition

The other great aspect of social media marketing? It is a fast and easy way to understand what other businesses in the sector are doing, and how they are engaging with audiences. Keeping a brand fresh and relevant is definitely challenging, but social media can essentially serve as a window to what other businesses are doing to market their product and their strategies.

Perhaps some are relying on original content creation, while others are more interested in graphics and visuals. What are followers interacting with more? Are there certain times when their pages receive more activity? These are all valuable insights that can be gleaned from looking at other social media pages from the sector and help brands craft a killer marketing strategy.

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