When choosing a colour for your brand did you ever consider the impact that it actually has on the way people perceive your business? It is important to know that colour sets your brand apart.

Colours have the power to convey messages and meanings, so choosing the right colour alone can help form a positive image without the use of words.

Our brains are programmed to respond to colour, creating these tailored emotions around your branding will attract the perfect clients to assist your business to grow and stand out from the crowd.

Some of the bigger brands have proven this theory by how easily you automatically associate them just by a certain shade of a colour. Take Cadbury’s famous purple for example.

So have a read on and see which colour sets your brand apart!



Blue: Skies, and seas are strongly partnered with blue but what about the characteristics that are commonly associated (reliable, trustworthy and dependable) that when used in your branding could create trust with your clients. Blue is an especially popular colour with financial institutions.



Red: Red tends to get the heart racing forming an aggressive and energetic response. Take Coke for insists, the use of red in their branding is a major component of the vibrant and lively aesthetic they have formed over the years.



Green: Green has numerous different characteristics from wealth to a calming effect depending on the shade used. An organic element seems to come hand in hand with green and its link to health.



Yellow: Sunny days says yellow all over! Communicating optimism, warmth and positive vibes. Being the most eye catching, yellow motivates and stimulates the creative mind, making it a great advertising tool.



Purple: Purple seems to have a dominate royal emotion while creating mystery. It comes along with a feeling of sentimental value, favoured by the creative type. The use of purple has been the perfect example of forming royalty with Cadbury, helping it become a leading chocolate brand that can easily recognizable by that certain shade.



Pink: Naturally associated with girly and feminine products, Shades of pink vary  your emotions from excitement through to romantic.

OrangeOrange: Sometimes stirring a childlike appearance, Orange is fun and vibrant. But if your going for a higher upscale market, using a lighter shade is proven to suit better.



Brown: Being cautious of the negative, dirty perception that brown that place on your business, the correct shade can work extremely well with certain types of companies.  Great choice for trucking and industrial companies.



Black: Sophistication is a strong element of black. Being bold and powerful with the use of black defiantly assists some brands to stand out from the crowd as long as its used correctly to avoid becoming heavy.



White: White automatically makes a company feel clean and pure. Companies uses white to create space and simplify the branding for a client. Perfect for high quality beauty products.


When it comes to your branding, try go a little deeper and consider the colours that conveys your companies characteristics the best not just logo and advertising!