You put a lot of time and energy into building up your brand: designing your brand marketing campaign, creating the perfect image for your company, and spreading that information for your customers to see. Unfortunately, all the advertising in the world isn’t enough to undo a negative customer experience – and if customers aren’t experiencing what they’re seeing in your advertising campaigns, they may come to associate your brand with dishonesty.

Customer experience can make or break your brand–and taking the right steps to ensure the right customer experience is a critical part of your branding.

3 Ways Customer Experience Can Make or Break Your Brand

1. Customers expect the experience spread by your advertising.
Does your brand take pride in your customer service experience, but fail to follow through when they’re actually in the store? Do you talk up your high-quality products that, as it happens, really fall apart as soon as your customers get them home? It’s okay to keep your focus on something besides customer service. Shoppers at Aldi, for example, know when they come through the door that they’re going to be expected to unload their own buggies, bag their own groceries, and find things for themselves, since there are rarely associates on the floor.

They keep coming back because that’s the experience that Aldi advertises: it’s not the top of the line customer experience, but it is an inexpensive way to handle grocery shopping. The same is true of your products: don’t sell inexpensive products as being high quality when they’re going to fall apart quickly. Instead, sell them as what they are: easy on the wallet. Align your advertising with what people are actually going to experience when they walk into your store, and you’ll discover that people overall view your brand more positively.

2. Customers want your in-store personality to look the same as your brand personality.
It’s not that there’s anything wrong with, for example, a brand that fills its advertising with jokes, then has a very serious atmosphere in the store. The problem is that customers expect a certain atmosphere as a result of your advertising. When they don’t get it when they walk in the store, they’ll find themselves off-balance and less satisfied with the experience as a whole.

It’s not necessarily that the customer experience was a negative one; rather, it’s that your brand failed to meet their expectations. Instead, allow your brand to reflect what your business really looks like when customers are in the building.

3. Customers need to be wooed.
Chances are, there are plenty of other businesses that offer services similar to yours. One-time customers who happen to find your business thanks to advertising or a coupon are great, but you want to take the steps necessary to turn those customers into repeat customers who keep coming back for more of whatever it is that you offer. From the moment a customer sets foot in your store, make it your mission to convince them that they want to come back.

The impression they receive while they’re in the building will develop their opinion of your brand far more than any advertising you could do. Keep in mind, too, that one negative customer experience can quickly overwrite previous positive experiences in their mind, making it even more critical that you continue to pay attention to the customer experience every time they’re in your building.

Developing your brand isn’t just about fancy advertisements. It’s about providing customers with an incredible experience. As you create your brand, make sure you think about the things that your business really is. Focus on what you already do best: the thing that makes your business stand out from the crowd. Then, when advertising brings potential customers to your door, they’ll see exactly what they expected from your advertising.

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