Finding someone to create the perfect logo for your business can be challenging.

You want someone who is going to put it together for a reasonable price: after all, whether you’re in the middle of a grand redesign or are a simple startup trying to find your way in your industry, you likely don’t have a limitless budget.

The hidden dangers of using cheap logo design, however, far outweigh the pinch in your pocketbook from hiring someone to do it right. In fact, in some cases, that “cheap” logo might turn out to cost you more than hiring a designer that is known for making insightful, original logos that will reach out to your preferred customer base and make the impact you’re hoping for.

Branding Tips: Here are the 3 Hidden Dangers of Cheap Logo Design

Higher risks: Copyright Infringement

There’s nothing worse than seeing the perfect logo for your business, only to discover that the individual who “created” it really stole it from someone else.

Worse, however, is the possibility of deploying that logo before you realize that it’s been copied from another source. Rebranding your business down the road due to freshly-discovered copyright infringement, for example, can make the cost of that “cheap” logo skyrocket quickly. It’s not just the cost of the rebrand, either: rebranding can cause customers to fail to recognize your business, lose faith in you, or even choose a competitor over you.

Copyright infringement isn’t always deliberate, either: in some cases, designers are simply trying to turn out logos quickly, with little regard for the end result.

Poor Quality Branding Design

The less each company pays the designer, the more logos the designer has to create in order to reach their financial goals. It’s simple math. Juggling those demands is a critical part of any designer’s work day.

If you’re choosing a cheap designer, your designer isn’t able to dedicate the time, energy, and attention to your specific design that it deserves. In some cases, you may find that they’re spending as little as thirty minutes on each design, incorporating stock elements in an effort to flesh it out.

That’s not what you want for your logo! Instead, choose a designer who will sit down and truly pay attention to each element, putting together a logo that will impress both you and your customers.

Poor engagement: Losing the Opportunity to Connect

Your logo is your connection to your customers. When they see it, they’ll automatically think of you. Not only that, it will help shape their opinion of your business long before they walk through the door of your store or make a purchase from your website.

As you created your marketing plan, you likely spent hours going over your target audience, their likes and dislikes, and how to reach them. You likely created a company mission statement, thought hard about your business approach, and created a plan for moving forward.

You want a designer that is going to pay the same amount of attention to those critical details. Your logo should speak to your brand’s unique audience, letting them know some of the most important things about your company. A cheap designer isn’t going to put in that kind of effort, but a higher-end designer will help create a logo that will wow your customers, inspire recognition, and create a feeling of connection to your business.

What it comes down to is simply this: if you value your business, you should value your brand. The logo is an important part of that brand, one of the keys that will determine how people will view your business, and you want to make sure it’s done right.

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