Is your business sailing effortlessly through the maze of clients and marketing, or do you feel like your business is stuck in the mud? Congratulations on your successes and growth! But, if your business needs the proverbial “kick in the pants”, it could be your branding strategy. Sure, you can pay the bills and make the payroll with no difficulty, but after looking at the books, talking to employees, and watching client traffic, it is evident something must change. The decision is a difficult one.

Will it be an overhaul vs. a tune-up? Does your branding need a re-brand or a subtle tweak? Business needs and wants have changed over the years. The client base has changed to a younger age group. And social media has exploded into an international sales market. Maybe it is time to look at the pros and cons of a branding overhaul vs. a simple branding tune-up.

Do You Need a Re-Brand or a Subtle Tweak?

The Logo

Your logo sends the message to the masses and introduces your business to the world. It is the one component of your brand that can make or break your success and growth in business. Your logo can be very visual and creative, but it also needs to be clear and concise showcasing your business or service and letting you stand out from the crowd.

The Website

Your website is the center of your on-line marketing and your business personality. Many potential clients looking to purchase a product or service, will go to a website before ever entering a brick and mortar storefront. Is your website current with the correct address, telephone number, hours of operation, and any details about your business? Is your website visually appealing and easy to navigate? Have you included tabs and pages showcasing your work? If not, you may need to consider consulting with the experts.

Your Profile

Your profile is the component of your brand that keeps you “whole”. If you happen to own multi-locations of your business, does your brand flow as a whole throughout the locations? Your client base wants to be sure he or she can go to any of the locations and know the doors are open for business and the same product or service is available at all locations.

Your Content

The content of your brand must be clear, simple, and eye-catching. Language has power and the content of your brand must connect with cultural, income, age, and interests of a wide variety of humans. Slogans or puns may be humorous to some, while insulting to others. Your content may only need slight alteration to remain current or you may need to start from square one with a complete overhaul. Once again, it may be time to find a branding expert.

Local relationships are the backbone of your business but your brand opens the door to globally based markets. With expertise, creativity, clarity and a hard working team, Red Lounge Agency can consult with you and work with you to tweak or overhaul your brand. We are progressive in our services to you with your success as our goal. Services such as corporate identity, packaging design, point of sale design, website design, advertising, and signage.

Red Lounge Agency is dedicated to customer satisfaction and will awaken your brand. Our clients include industries from pet food, laboratories, and news, to human services and personal hygiene. Although each brand is completely unique to fit each industry, our team creates the brand content with clarity, skill, and agility. Our team is responsive to your needs and enjoys a challenge.

Red Lounge Agency invites you to contact us to discuss your branding needs.

Do You Need a Re-Brand?