Does E-Commerce Packaging Design Matter? The obvious answer is yes. Businesses never want to give up an opportunity and a clever packaging strategy is just that – an opportunity to continue the brand through a consistent impression , to send further messages to the consumer, and to further a marketing strategy. An acute eye for opportunity sees that packaging for goods in e-commerce is truly gold.

As more consumers run with their fingers over their computer keyboards to make purchases, the same marketing strategies that caught their eyes when shopping at a brick-and-mortar come into play. Companies spend millions to make those packages attractive and appealing, hoping the consumer will select their product from among the many competing brands. They employ marketing tactics that bolster branding, loyalty, messaging  and after-purchase marketing techniques.

When shopping, the consumer possesses the opportunity to view the product, smell it, touch it, feels it’s weight, and even gaze at and evaluate its appearance. Compensating for the disadvantage, e-commerce uses thumbnails, multiple viewpoints, and zooming. Still, the brick-and-mortar has the advantage in this regard. Providing a competing presentation and packaging of the product when it arrives at the consumer’s door can help business bridge that gap.

Beyond just providing for the safe arrival of the good, branding should come to the e-commerce business’ mind. That impression as seen by the consumer when they saw the product on their computer screen needs reinforcement. It continues the impression and the all-important brand. That breaks down to loyalty and future sales.  Imagine what the impression someone would form if they bought expensive jewellery online only to have it arrive in a drab box.

Clever packaging recognises that beyond branding and loyalty other opportunities exist. Well-packaged items present the advantage of post-sale marketing. Many goods remain in their package and have the distinct advantage of catching the consumer’s eye on a consistent, daily basis. This is a form of instant advertising that promotes brand loyalty.

Yet, packing goes even further in it impact on the consumer. Purchasing a pair of shoes via e-commerce that arrives in a colourful box is definitely a positive. Likely, though, the consumer will throw the box away. A smart resolve to package the box in a re-usable cloth bag that looks sharp and further promotes the brand. The consumer will likely retain the bag for other uses.

Furthermore, messaging may take other forms and the packaging is the perfect vehicle to communicate that to the consumer. If the product focuses on the environment, then that message can easily find a voice through the packaging. The colour, the display, and the wording can promote that message. The only limitation is the business’ creativity. Toys are a perfect opportunity to display fun as is displaying places of origin that help promote the product’s unique and even special qualities.

Looking past branding consistency and clever marketing techniques, even the product’s protection during the delivery process speaks to the consumer. When opening the box, so to say, the consumer has certain preconceived expectations. When they see the product cushioned by bubble wrap, or that the e-commerce business took other such protective measures, it confirms their expectations , continuing to promote loyalty to the brand. The type of product, of course, should dictate the precautions.

Last, delivery comes into focus. Though options are available, usually at an extra cost, to assure the product arrives quickly, having a deliverer that is highly reliable, fast, and timely serves to further promote the product.

It seems that off-the-shelf techniques for capturing the consumer’s eyes and building brand loyalty are easily matched by businesses that promotes and sell their products and goods over the Internet. Taking from the shelf and giving that marketing strategy to packaging should present little problem for business that want to build beyond just making a sale, but want to establish their brand and consumer loyalty. That is truly gold for e-commerce businesses.

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