The effects of poor branding design can run deep in your business. At their worst, they can negate the advantage of having a stellar product or service. Poor branding design ultimately gives consumers an inaccurate representation of your business, which then prevents you from developing relationships. In this blog, we’ll explain the impacts of having an outdated logo as a consequence of poor branding. Is your business suffering the Impacts of Poor Branding Design?

Impacts of Poor Branding Design

What your logo represents

Your logo is, in many ways, a visual representation of your brand. It’s the first thing many consumers will think of when they hear your business’ name. They’ll relate certain characteristics of your logo to your brand experience and will take its overall appearance as an indication of your brand’s mission.

Fair or not, your branding design plays a major role in your branding strategy. Keeping it up-to-date is essential for developing new relationships with consumers in your target market.

Why it becomes outdated

Now, if you already have a logo, then you might be asking yourself how it could become outdated. After all, if it’s a perfect representation of your brand, then how could it ever become irrelevant?

There are several reasons why your logo can go out of fashion. It’s certainly possibly, and even likely, if you change your marketing strategy and target a new market segment. This is also the case if you drastically change your product offering.

And sometimes it’s as simple as not wanting to look behind-the-times. You don’t want consumers to see your logo and think, “well that business is stuck in 2005.” It implies that your business isn’t trying to stay relevant.

Updating your Branding Design

Updating your logo might seem like a simple task, but it’s a long, arduous process. You’ll go through several drafts before you’re satisfied with the new visual representation of your brand.

The good news is that several businesses have successfully redone their logos, and yours can as well. This Huffington Post article recalls a few large brands who have done so recently:

“Even large corporations adapt their logos, even if for the sole purpose of modernity. Earlier this year, Google made the largest change to its logo in the company’s 17-year history. Companies like eBay and Microsoft, too, mixed logos harking back to the ‘90s in favour of clean sans serif fonts and simplified trademarks. The new Windows logo looks less like wavy Word Art and more like the symbol of a tech conglomerate. Pepsi simplified its recognisable red, white and blue globe.”

Branding Design is difficult, but it’s also not rocket science. It’s certainly not too daunting of a task that you can’t get started. It just takes time, patience, and an understanding of what you want your brand to be.

What’s at stake

Unfortunately, businesses have more incentive to redesign their logos to avoid the repercussions as opposed to reap the benefits. Updating your logo can help you dodge a few bullets in relation to your branding efforts.

Having an outdated logo can make it hard to attract new customers. They’ll consider whether your brand is moving forward or staying behind, just like its visual representation. In addition, your current customers might start to wonder about your future. If you’re not keeping your logo relevant, then what other investments are you skipping on? It raises questions that usually don’t have good implications.

Moreover, an old logo makes marketing an even more difficult task. It’ll be hard to practice social media or email marketing if customers can’t get over your branding. Your brand is the foundation for your marketing campaign, and you don’t want it to rot at its core.

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Is your business suffering the Impacts of Poor Branding Design?