How do you create a memorable branding experience? Creating a memorable brand that stands out from all of the others often means creating a memorable and pleasant customer experience. If the customer enjoys buying and using your product or service, then your brand becomes all the more enhanced in said customer’s mind.

But how do you create a truly memorable branding experience for your business?

Making the customer experience more personal

A recent piece in Entrepreneur magazine offers some tips for making a brand more personal for the customer.

First, you need to provide an element of humour in the customer experience. A lot of great advertising incorporates humour in the commercials, such as the literal Weiner dog ad that Heinz ran during the most recent Super Bowl. You should also include humour on your internet pages, including funny stories about your product and company and quirky images of your employees at work.

Second, you should use the kind of language that your customer is comfortable communicating in. Nothing quite kills the buzz, as it were, as a lot of technical jargon to describe a product or service. Communicate with your customers as you would communicate with a good friend or relative.

Third, you should meld your customers’ online shopping experience with their in-store experience. To be sure, many people are comfortable with pointing and clicking to order products. But some people like to use an online ordering site to browse and then go to a brick and mortar store to see the product in person. Include the locations of your physical stores on the online site.

Fourth, you should acknowledge mistakes and move swiftly to make them right. Everyone makes mistakes, ranging from messing up an order to Coca Cola’s “New Coke” debacle. Your customers will forgive you if you own up and move to fix the mistake.

Finally, you should find ways to make the customer experience more personal. Online shopping is very convenient but tends to be impersonal in many ways. Have your employees who make blog posts use a byline, along with an easily read bio and head shot. The idea is to impart the fact that actual human beings are behind the goods and services that you offer.

Make the brand simple and memorable

Pam Moore, the CEO of Marketing Nutz, shares some of the insights related to the Entrepreneur Magazine article. But she adds that keeping the customer experience sweet, simple, and memorable is a sure fire way to make your brand stand out.

Indeed, Moore’s idea is that a business not only sells a product or a service but an experience, the simpler and pleasanter the better.

For instance, when someone goes to an excellent restaurant, they may remember how luxurious the décor, how delicious the meal, and how helpful the wait staff was. But when describing the experience to other people, the customer is more likely to relate how great the dinner conversation was with a group of friends or business associates while having a great meal. The dining experience is therefore associated with a slew of pleasant emotions that will make the customer want to come back and to recommend the restaurant to their friends.

Moore also suggests that you need to know what your customer wants in an experience with your business. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers as they interact with your company. Provide natural avenues for feedback and listen to that feedback to improve the customer experience. Empower your employees to be responsive to customer wishes and inspire them to be salespersons for your brand.


It is not enough to sell an excellent product or service to distinguish your brand from all the rest. The customer must enjoy buying and using the said product or service. The experience is what makes the brand memorable.

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