Certain fields require professionals for a reason. Additionally, the saying “you get what you pay for” applies to many circumstances. It is absolutely essential to invest your time and trust in a true, talented professional in the logo design field. There are undesirable traits that a cheap logo designer can inhabit. Common mistakes when designing your own logo can happen, as well. So what are the key mistakes to avoid in logo design that you need to be aware of?

The Top 10 Key Mistakes to Avoid in Logo Design are as follows:

1. Heavily Relying on Trends 

The current fad is big and sought after, but only for a short amount of time. Trends are always subject to change and the next big thing is destined for takeover. Relying on what is currently in when designing your logo can lead to the design being totally replaceable once a new trend takes over. Logo designs should withstand the test of time.

2. Pixel-based Graphics (Raster)

A common mistake made by non-professionals in logo design is to use pixel-based graphics. The graphics are cheaper and easier to use but lack consistency. Additionally, pixel-based graphics are not able to be changed in size. The company’s original logo will essentially be the only usable design until the design is changed almost completely. With pixel-based graphics, your company should get used to flyers only.

3. Lacking Originality 

Your logo should be unique and original. The use of clip or stock art can open the door to litigation issues for your business as the images are not technically your own. Surely using these images avoid high costs in the short-term, but certainly not the long-term.

4. Designing for the Portfolio Only 

Less professional logo designers often design things that work better for their company rather than your own. While you are paying them for a service, they only have their best interests in mind. They will consider what types of designs their portfolios are lacking instead of what is right for your business.

5. Lacking Simplicity

There is bold and there is tacky. It is a common misconception that eye-catching is supposed to be incredibly mismatched, colorful, and offer multiple fonts. This, however, can actually deter the reader from looking at your sign or investing any interest in your company. Simplicity is truly key.

6. Overly colourful

Having some colour in a logo is appreciated, but only if it fits the design as a whole. Cheap logo designers often skip the essential steps in logo design and jump straight to the colour process. Ten different colours rarely fit the image of a business.

7. Hard to Read Font

Just because there is a new font out there does not mean that your logo needs to have it. More importantly, a font should not be difficult to read. Your business logo should offer the ability to be read instantaneously and leave no room for confusion.

8. Typographic Issues

True logo designers are artistic and grammatically correct. Spelling, grammar, and spacing issues can all prove detrimental to the logo as a whole. You want your business to portray professionalism and be taken seriously, after all.

9. Not Completing the Entire Process

There is a full process associated with proper logo design. Brainstorming, sketching, and then adding in details is typical. Cheap logo designers will cut out the majority of the steps and skip to a product that was given little to no thought. This cheats you out of money and cheats your business, as well.

10. Not Listening to your Ideas

All business owners want their logos to convey a certain message. If your business is an edgy boutique, you probably do not want your logo to be sunny yellow with a cheery rabbit in the background. Cheap logo designers rarely listen to the needs of their clients or their businesses.

To conclude, it is essential to hire professional logo designers as they keep your best interests in mind. They know what is right and do not base their performance on their own needs or ideas. For more information on logo design, contact us today.

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