Rebranding is a major challenge for any business that’s suddenly found itself in need of having to change direction. In your case, it may mean being forced into it after realising you’ve been a little complacent for a while. It’s easy to assume your longtime loyal customers will keep you in business far into the future. But what would you do if they suddenly departed to one of your competitors? Do you know the key signs your business needs rebranding?

If you sense people are starting to go elsewhere, it’s time to do an analysis of your brand and see what’s wrong. Rebranding can become a successful process when it’s done with care. This starts by being sure what the tell-tale signs are as indicators you need to something.

What are you currently experiencing in your business that shows a re-brand is necessary? Some signs are more subtle than others, so it pays to get outside opinions to avoid being blind to certain realities.

4 Key Signs Your business needs Rebranding

You’re Attracting the Wrong Clients

Attracting the wrong clients in your company could become a more subtle problem, though it’s worth paying attention to. Maybe you’re getting customers expecting specific breaks you don’t offer. Or perhaps you have customers not fitting the type of demographic that could benefit from your services.

If you’re getting clients you don’t expect, it’s probably due to mixed messages they’re receiving. Your brand may not have enough clarity, or the original message is a bit obscured from what you put in place years ago.

Even a logo can become outdated to a point where it means something else in today’s world than it did just a decade ago.

Not Enough Consistency

You’ll frequently see “consistency” as one of the top three “C’s” in what makes a successful brand. Not being consistent can easily occur, especially in the online world where multiple channels are available. When you overextend yourself on social media, you may miss changing certain elements after adding new products or services.

All it takes is missing one piece online and it can throw off your direction. A customer looking up that unchanged social media account could become confused seeing an inconsistent message with your other marketing.

Upgrading Your Products and Services

All companies grow, and yours may have just had a huge growth surge since the beginning of the year. As a result, you’ve probably had to offer all new products, services, and technologies. The biggest company names in the world have done this, including Apple.

Sometimes all it takes is a revamp of your logo to reflect your change in direction. Your basic services may still stay the same, yet giving a hint of a new product upgrade can integrate well into your logo design.

Your Brand is Too Generic

Too much competition can make it tougher to come up with a brand that’s unique. This could result in your brand looking too generic and blending in with hundreds of others.

You may have to re-brand to come up with something that’s more targeted and fresh. It’s not impossible when you have a good design team in place to help you through each step. By looking deeper into your mission statement and studying what your customer base is looking for, you can shape a more stand-alone brand.

The important thing is to never create logos and other branding elements from cheap software. A photoshopped logo looks like clip art, and people will notice. Working to create logos and other graphics that fully represent your business’s heart and soul will show you put thought into your message and didn’t cut corners.

Let us help you shape your brand in a way that stands out from the crowd.

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