Today, your company’s website is as much a reflection of your brand as any logo and store front was, as seen in the more traditional business model from decades past. See how using your website to grow your brand is a key component to growth and success.

With all the social media outlets, the world is shrinking and the concept of an international online presence is a very real possibility as word-of-mouth has now become a global phenomenon. Business owners who are able to recognise how critical their online presence is, will understand how using your website to grow your brand is a key component to a company’s continued growth and success.

Using Your Website to Grow Your Brand

Branding Pitfalls

Almost every company has a website, but what separates the winning sites from the mediocre?  Three concepts that may not seem very glamorous but say a lot about your particular brand’s quality are:

  • the usability factor of your website,
  • attention to detail and
  • staying fresh and current.

You may have loads of information on your website about your great product or service, but if your website is clunky and difficult to use, a potential customer will turn away in frustration before they even learn what your business has to offer.  Users want websites that are intuitive and easy to use.  If your site is a source of frustration, the subtle message is that your company is frustrating to work with as well.  If your website has even one spelling or grammatical error, again, the message to a potential customer is that your business practices may also be sloppy and unprofessional.  Staying fresh and current with the latest website designs, gives the impression your business is up to date with the prevailing trends as well.

Website Design for your Brand

Your brand, as reflected on your website, is a combination of your knowledge of your customer, a marketing campaign that appeals to your target audience and the presentation and use of the website itself.  All three components need to work together, with the marketing aspect inspiring interest, your insight regarding your customers, inspiring them to continue to choose your business, and the website providing an appealing vehicle with which to interact with you.  Of course, a business already knows their own brand and the target audience they want to attract, but how can the design of a website have a positive influence on your brand as well?  Some aspects of web design that can convey the consistency of your brand are:  the colour scheme used and the overall presentation of information.  Whatever vehicle you use to present your brand, whether it is a business card, a logo, a store-front, a Facebook page or a website, you want your customers to recognise your brand through a consistent use of colour, graphics and style.  A good graphic designer for your website will provide continuity between all the ways you reach out to your customer with your particular brand.  The presentation style used for your company’s information should reflect your brand as well.  A large, traditional insurance company will have a much more serious, professional tone reflected throughout their site than a company that sells clothing and hip accessories to young women.

Standing Out From the Crowd

Whatever service or product a company has to offer, the best ones want to convey they are the ideal company to offer what their customers want and they are the best company to deliver those products or services in a fast, reliable and trustworthy manner.  An appealing website that is easy to use, provides a favourable impression to customers that the business behind the website is appealing as well.  For more information on how we can convey your brand’s excellence, please contact us.

Using Your Website to Grow Your Brand?