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Branding to sell: How Branding Effects Your Business Value

A company’s business brand is more than just a logo on a T-shirt. It culminates from several important features about a business that take time and effort to develop. Beyond just establishing recognition, something that can cut both ways, branding intertwines with several brand strategies of the business, ultimately aspiring to grow trust in their products and services that directly translates to increased business value. Here’s how your branding directly effects your business value.

Why Branding for Social Media is Crucial to Your Success

Nowadays, everyone is active on social media, including all of your competitors. That’s why it’s more important than ever to set yourself apart. There are several ways to do this, such as by posting great content and engaging with your audience. Another essential factor is your branding. This includes your logo, your unique tone, and frequent reminders about your brand name and what it stands for. Let’s look at why branding is crucial for your social media success.

Branding Trends in 2017 You Should Keep an Eye Out For

Each year brings new challenges to companies wishing to improve their branding while expanding their marketing reach. Branding trends in 2017 you should keep an eye out for once again involve social platforms, but have begun to pivot to influence marketing.

Create an Impression: How to Create the Perfect Sales Brochure

Sales brochures are important tools for large and small businesses alike. An effective sales brochure not only highlights service offerings and products but it also represents you and your business, so attention must be paid to detail and aesthetic properties as well as clear and concise copy that not only showcases your business but elicits the intended action that your business desires from the reader.

Logo Overhaul: Do You Need a Re-Brand or a Subtle Tweak?

Is your business sailing effortlessly through the maze of clients and marketing, or do you feel like your business is stuck in the mud? Congratulations on your successes and growth! But, if your business needs the proverbial "kick in the pants", it could be your...

White Labelling vs Co-branding – Which is Right for Your Business?

One of the hardest decisions facing a new startup is how to quickly broaden their product lineup in order to deepen market appeal, increase customer attachment by offering a wider range of products, and widen market opportunities – all on a tight startup budget. One way to do this is through using either white label or co-branded products to quickly expand the number of products offered. Both approaches allow you the potential to offer proven, customer-friendly products at a minimum cost to your business.

Understanding The Difference Between Brands and Branding

Everyone has a brand. Google your name right now, and the results will show your online brand to anyone interested in your person or business. But have you actively tried to shape and optimize that brand for a specific audience?

The above example perfectly sums up the core difference between brands and branding. But especially if you are looking to establish a foothold in a specific market or for a specific audience, a deeper understanding of the two concepts can be beneficial.

How to Create a Successful Business Card Design

Your business card is often the first contact a potential customer has with you or your company. This seemingly insignificant, humble piece of card stock is your emissary, your messenger, and your branding message boiled down into a few lines of text and graphics. How well your business card conveys your message – and how well your business card design resonates with your customers – can determine the difference between failure and success. Lets see how a successful business card design is created.

Key Branding Challenges you need to recognize and overcome

Every aspect of our planet has become complex, dynamic, demanding, and opinionated. A branding strategy is no different. You want your brand to stand out, be the best, with a clear vision and identity. But with challenges such as targeting a certain audience, age groups, income levels, education levels, and interests, it is important to recognize branding challenges and overcome them.

3 Essential Things to Consider When Designing Packaging

Remember when you were a kid opening presents on your birthday? There was a sense of excitement that came with each new gift. You didn’t know what was going to be under the wrapping paper. And you probably spent some time wondering what it was until you were given leave to open the presents. You’d look at the shape and size of the box and try to figure out what it contained.

How to Create a Packaging Design Brief That Works

Packaging. It’s the great unsung hero of product sales. Good packaging promotes the product, protects the product, and, most importantly, seduces the customer into buying the product. Bad packaging, on the other hand, can destroy or cripple the commercial potential of an otherwise promising new product.

4 Ways to Increase Sales Through Effective Point of Sale Design

You can create a lot of buzz about your product through effective marketing and advertising techniques. However, when it comes down to it, people buy your product at the point of the sale and not while they are watching TV ads or reading social media comments. It has...

4 Ways to enhance your Retail Point of Sale Design

When it comes to selling, you can’t overemphasize the importance of retail point of sale design. So many people are in the habit of browsing through the stores, whether they actually need to buy something or not. If you have the right point of sale design, it can prompt them to buy things on the spur of the moment.

How to Make Your Point of Sale Design Stand out instore

Retail stores offer special challenges for any product, but none quite so much they do for point-of-sale product. By the time shoppers come across a point-of-sale display, they have already fought their way through a noisy, often crowded sales floor covered in rows...