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Branding to sell: How Branding Effects Your Business Value

A company’s business brand is more than just a logo on a T-shirt. It culminates from several important features about a business that take time and effort to develop. Beyond just establishing recognition, something that can cut both ways, branding intertwines with several brand strategies of the business, ultimately aspiring to grow trust in their products and services that directly translates to increased business value. Here’s how your branding directly effects your business value.

Why Branding for Social Media is Crucial to Your Success

Nowadays, everyone is active on social media, including all of your competitors. That’s why it’s more important than ever to set yourself apart. There are several ways to do this, such as by posting great content and engaging with your audience. Another essential factor is your branding. This includes your logo, your unique tone, and frequent reminders about your brand name and what it stands for. Let’s look at why branding is crucial for your social media success.

Branding Trends in 2017 You Should Keep an Eye Out For

Each year brings new challenges to companies wishing to improve their branding while expanding their marketing reach. Branding trends in 2017 you should keep an eye out for once again involve social platforms, but have begun to pivot to influence marketing.

Create an Impression: How to Create the Perfect Sales Brochure

Sales brochures are important tools for large and small businesses alike. An effective sales brochure not only highlights service offerings and products but it also represents you and your business, so attention must be paid to detail and aesthetic properties as well as clear and concise copy that not only showcases your business but elicits the intended action that your business desires from the reader.

Branding Design Style Guide: Why It’s Crucial for Your Success

If you could paint the picture of your brand, what would it look like? A good brand is a set of concepts that everyone can consume, whether expressed in words, colors, or images or in a combination of these three dimensions. A brand is a body of concepts to which consumers relate through their emotions. If they aren’t feeling your brand, then your creative approaches aren’t working, and it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

How employees are the key to a Smooth Re-Branding Process

Smooth brand transition: how to successfully and smoothly go through a re-brand embraces more than just a company’s products or services. Re-creating a company’s brand to become more relevant, to target a new audience or even to change their name or vision often ignores one key factor: employees. Left in a lurch of uncertainty about the coming change, employees result to rumour and innuendo about the change’s impact on their careers and lives. It’s a recipe for trouble, but one that can promise a smooth resolve by following several proven processes.

Identity Crisis: Is Your Company in Need of a Re-Brand?

Branding is more than your logo. Branding is more than your web site, your official color palate, your product packaging. Branding is more than your social media presence, your blog, or corporate communications office. Branding is the heart, the soul, the voice, and the image of your business. Branding is your business as you wish it to be presented to the world, and how you wish your customers to know and relate to you.

Ten Important Rebranding Considerations Your Business

Sooner or later, every business feels the need to re-invent and rebrand themselves. Different businesses feel the need to do this for different reasons – a changing of the guard, a change of focus and direction, a change in business philosophy, or simply a need to refresh and revitalize a tired brand.

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